First use

How to setup your account with Fleet Vision for the first time

Congratulations on purchasing one of our systems, we are so excited to have you join our community!
To get you started, we have a policy that upon purchase, an account is created for your business and a username and password are given to you by our technical support team along with a training session by one of our technical support admins to train you how to use the website.
After installing your new camera and getting your new account's username and password, It's time to link your Vehicle to the Camera by creating a profile for both first, then using the Vehicle-Camera Link feature. You can also add a new Driver by creating their profile and assigning them to a certain vehicle by using the Driver-Vehicle Link feature. You can also group multiple vehicles by first creating a Group then by editing your vehicles you can assign them to said group.

This concludes the basic features, after you're done with setting up your account, you can browse more Fleet Vision Features
If you have anymore questions, please email us, call or simply start a ticket!

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